Financial Management Between Spouses

Integrate the finances

Preferred approach: yours and mine are ours

The big question is always should we consolidate our finances? Should we maintain individual accounts or joint accounts? It is advisable for couples to try different financial management methods and find the most suitable way for the individual couple. Notably, it is desirable to have autonomy money combining all the money that couple earns.  It is important to provide each other space so that no one feels always watched. As kids and mortgage payments take center stage, many couples find merging finances easier. For more information on financial management between spouses read this article from the Weekend Windup.

Managing debt

Preferred approach: we are all indebted, it is our liability

coinDebt is one of the reason couple fights. Couples tend not to agree on the cost of financing the debt and the type of debt it is. In some instances, one spouse gets in the union with more debt than the other. It is inevitable to get into your 20s and 30s without debt and if you do you are likely to meet a significant other who is in debt. Therefore, one’s married your spouse’s debts become your debt automatically.

Even in instances of separate accounts your significant others, the credit score will affect your desire to get joint credit. If you’re soon to be married the spouses should consider a prenup to ensure that a partner’s liabilities do not affect another asset. For the already married pay up the debt as fast as possible.

Managing spending

Preferred approach:  lets budget on spending and saving

Studies show that both men and women spend, but they spend differently. Women spend on daily home purchases i.e. bills, clothes for the family and groceries while people spend on computers, cars TVs, etc. The spending perception is different, but the total may be the same. The solution is to agree on the amount to spend on daily purchases and big purchases so as t0 manage tight budgets.

Investing wisely

moneyPreferred approach: Let us take as much risk as our goals with stipulated time frames. Let’s think in time frames and take as much risk as our goals allow

It is wise to have goals where investment is concerned and have time frames. In some cases, seek the help of investment professionals. Always review your investment choices annually and balance out portfolios.

Planning for emergencies

Preferred approach: let as save in the case of emergencies

Anything could happen, an economic crunch, job loss, illness, accident, etc. It is, therefore, advisable to have an emergency saving account in the event of such uncertainties.


How to find the best binary options brokers? – A small guide

Binary options trading has become one of the best and most lucrative financial fields. Many investors have decided to try out their luck and see if they can earn their fortune with it. Most of them succeeded. But, they did not do it on their own. Instead, they relied heavily on the services and help of option binaire brokers.

The first step

financeIf you are planning on delving into the world of binary options trading, you should start by selecting a binary options broker, who will satisfy all your brokering needs. Companies and individuals, who are on the leading edge of binary options trading, have their unique angles, which usually means that they either have a large selection of options, or a smaller one. The majority of brokers and trading platforms offer their basic setups, which include a variety of basic and advanced tools, and alert tools. They also offer a highly accurate analysis of the market data, as well as a wide choice of assets, upon which you can trade.

Reputable and experienced binary options brokers are highly likely to have an area on their websites, which is purely dedicated to improving your knowledge and awareness in regards to placing trades on various binary options. Although it is usually very important to have this kind of information readily on standby, keep in mind that it will not necessarily include a signal, that one option is superior to the others, just because it apparently contains more resources.

Binary options vs. Stock market

Another important thing you should remember is that binary options trading is a separate field from stock market trading. Dealing with binary options mainly revolves around making accurate price predictions, not selling or buying stocks. That is why you should have a sound strategy and a broker, who will aid you in developing it. Any broker, who fails to present you with good advice, information and an intuitive and user-friendly experience, is a broker you should immediately replace. There is a large number of them on the market, so feel free to look for others and test their strategies and choice of assets.

How to find one

With so many brokers and brokerage firms out there, finding the one, who will perfectly meet your requirements, could be somewhat tricky. Knowing exactly what to look for will help you immensely in your search. You will have to know how to differentiate between good and bad brokers, and the line that separates them can sometimes be very thin.

Previous experience

Each broker offers his/her trading platform and specific assets. Try to find one, who offers the ones that you might already have some experience with. This will certainly help you a lot when trying to make well-informed selections of your asset prices.

A well-designed and stable platform

financeA platform needs to be simple and easy to use. It also needs to provide accurate and reliable price feed, without any spreads. Always remember that there some brokers, who are not what they say they are. Always keep an eye for potential price manipulations.

Ease of withdrawal

Regardless of how effective and good your trading system may be, if you are unable to quickly and efficiently withdraw your earnings, your efforts will go in vain.

Support level

A good binary options broker needs to offer full support and should be on hand to help you at any time.

financial graph

Who Needs Financial Advice?

Who needs financial advice? Well, this is a real question that has been asked many times. Many events may determine whether you need a financial advisor or not. For instance, if you are preparing to get married soon, have kids, purchase a house or make many other prudent investments, it’s a grand idea to get a financial advisor. During these moments, you need sound financial guidance because you will have to dig deeper into your pockets.

Moreover, a financial advisor can help you solve many other issues that include how much you can part with for significant purchases, if your spouse should stop working, how to plan to send your kids to better schools, what you can afford just to mention a few.

You don’tfinancial graph have to be a millionaire or a billionaire to start looking for an expert financial advisor. In fact, the advice that you will get is more valuable at a stage when you have fewer savings. However, it has to be something decent so that a financial advisor can create a healthy plan for you. As an individual, it’s also vital to figure out if you can afford a financial consultant or you can manage your savings intelligently without the help of a financial expert until when you can afford to pay a good advisor. Below are some of the people who need the help of a professional financial advisor.

New employees

Most forward thinking new employees seek for financial advisors to help them get the most out of their finances. In case you land a new job with a higher salary and the chances of your expenses increasing are low soon, then it’s the right time to seek the services of a reliable financial advisor. It is the only way to make quick progress when growing your savings. In fact, some companies now have financial advice in their list of employee benefits to ensure that they get the most out of their finances.

Couples planning to get married

Do you plan to get married soon? If so, are you also planning to invest with your partner? Well, a financial advisor is a suitable person to guide you through the whole process. Most couples argue of end up getting divorced shortly after getting married because of money. A sound financial advisor will help you and your better half merge finances, deal with debt, keep spending in check, invest wisely, plan for emergencies just to mention a few.

Those unsure of retirement

Are you apsave moneyproaching retirement age? It’s an excellent idea to ensure that you manage your finances properly once you retire. Having an advisor is a smart move that you should consider. A financial advisor will assist you to set realistic goals and a plan of retirement that is precisely tailored to meet your requirements. Besides, an advisor will boost your confidence when working on your retirement saving scheme. Simply put, an advisor will help you get valuable information that will assist you if you are among those that underestimate what they will require for retirement.

car service

Car Finance Options

Owning a car is not a simple thing. It actually comes in second as the most expensive form of ownership after a house. This is because you will incur other costs apart from buying, ranging from insurance to maintenance. It, therefore, requires that you prepare adequately since it will require finances and calculations for you to own one. For you to have a car under your name, you have to consider your financial capabilities. Research on all the available sources of funds that can help you to get money to facilitate car payments.

Top options for car finance


Keeping your money in banks, especially when interest rates are low will not gain you much. Take the money you have already saved and use it to pay for the car. Avoid saving and borrowing, to prevent small charges like paying for interests later. If you do not have enough cash or savings on you, use the available you have to pay the bigger portion of the deposit.



The dealership will not give you car loan directly, but through them, you can secure money to buy a car. This is made possible, from the good relationship dealers have with financial institutions such as the banks, credit unions, and other financial independent companies. You can also check with different car dealers, to ascertain the amount of interest you will pay in the end. Settle for the best deal, and cut off dealers that hike interest rates to make a killing off you.

Personal loan

personal loanYou can take a personal loan from banks, building societies or other financial institutions to buy a car. Ensure you have good credit ratings to able to qualify for a loan. Banks have different interest rates, take your time to research and choose one that you are flexible with. Do not place your other properties such as a house to be used as collateral. In the case of a failure to service the loan, you may lose your house.

Family and friends

A lot of people find it hard getting funds from banks or other independent financial institutions. This could be as a result of poor credit ratings, or not enough credit history to qualify them for these loans. However family and friends can come to your aid by lending you partly or wholly the amount needed. Requesting a friend or family member to take a loan on your behalf can also work for you.